“I did not send you any news in my last {letter} as Gen. Hancock {none other than the signer of the Independence document} was the bearer, and you could have every thing by him at first hand must therefore depend on you {The elder Rev. Andrew Eliot of Boston} for the best information. You shall have all I can procure from the Westward..." is a direct quote from Rev. Andrew Eliot July 31, 1778 letter to his father the Rev. Andrew Eliot of Boston. Both reverends are suspected patriot spies in the “MISSING LINKS TO THE CULPER SPY RING?“ book.

Without Rev. Andrew Eliot, an obscure Connecticut Revolutionary War Spy, who exchanged particulars from George Washington, Ben Franklin, General John Hancock, and Col. Jackson, with his co-spy father in Boston we might not be enjoying our present American freedom.

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Bernadine Fawcett’s Synopsis and Biography:
Curiosity about the Revolutionary War letters Bernadine Fawcett inherited led her to discover intimate accounts of a Patriot Spy Ring. Now as a great grandmother, Bernadine Fawcett, B.A. G.S.S (Fordham University) Counselor, Columnist, Author, Television and Radio Personality realizes the importance of sharing her research which ties her to the family of Vice President Aaron Burr. His obscure relatives Rev. Eliot, whose wife was a direct line descendent from Alfred the Great as was Aaron Burr, and Burr’s first cousin,Thaddeus Burr, exchanged firsthand secret information dealing with Gen. Washington and other troop developments which was delivered (on occasion by John Hancock) to the elder reverend of the same name in Boston. Peruse the letters from the 1770’s which reveals a time of war, fear, smallpox, whooping cough and harsh disciplinary actions for children and perceived spies. Learn more by watching this video on YouTube.com.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer's “Loving For a Lifetime” cassette spotlights Ms. Fawcett who was also interviewed on the The Joel Martin Show, The Joe Franklin Show as well as a two year participation on The Ray Heatherton Breakfast Club live radio show, WLIW-TV's "Ticket" (which you can view here), Riverhead Cablevision, plus a dozen other various U.S. Stations. Highlighted articles about her activities have appeared in The New York Times, Newsday, L.I. Advance, and Pennysaver She is listed in all of the Marquis Who's Who Editions: of the East, of the Nation, International and Of American Women.

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